Our Blog

This is the blog of The Kineo School. It’s a place where we’ll analyze our professional practice, trends in education, and implications of policy. We will be documenting the process of developing our school based on research and beliefs about what makes good education into a community of learners.


Some of what we post will be our observations and wonderings.  Sometimes we’ll just be talking about what we’re reading.  We’ll share terrific resources when we come across them.

We’ll ask questions – and invite you to join in. We may ask thoughts on specific topics with which we’re grappling, and welcome open feedback anytime.

The process might be messy.  We’ll be digging into current research, our beliefs, our values, and our practices.

This blog will help chronicle the creation of The Kineo School. It will communicate the research and values which form the foundation for the school. It will share our successes and mistakes, our learnings, and our wonderings. We invite you to share your thinking, too.