About Us

About The Kineo School

Our Mission

The Kineo School’s mission is to develop children’s innate curiosity into a lifelong love of learning and problem solving by teaching inquiry and core learning skills so they become the dreamers, innovators, and stewards of a better tomorrow.

The Kineo School currently serves grades K-5.

A Typical Kineo Day Includes:

School Hours

The Kineo School meets Monday-Thursday from 9am to 3:30pm. Students also attend the last Friday of each month for our Community Day and is from 9am to 3:30pm.

On Community Day, students perform acts of service for the community. We frequently use this opportunity to supplement topics we are currently learning about. Examples of Community Day in our 2019-2020 school year include painting a bus mural for a King County Metro Bus Shelter, putting together craft kits and making fleece blankets for patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and hosting a fun afternoon of games, crafts, and treats for Safe Parking residents.

To alleviate stress, our school is intentionally open four days per week as opposed to the standard five. We have found our students to be more productive and engaged in their learning. This schedule also allows for more family time and offers families the option of scheduling other activities and appointments on Fridays.

Multi-Age Cohorts

Our students are currently divided into two multi-age cohorts. We have a kindergarten to second grade cohort and a third grade to fifth grade cohort. There are opportunities throughout the day for all students to interact together, such as recess, lunch, and free play.