Meet The Kineo School Teachers

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Teacher Jodi
3-6 Lead Teacher

Jodi went into the education field because she sees public education as the backbone of a healthy democracy. So of course, she helped to co-found a private school 🙂 She and Teacher Lindsey bonded over the belief that a school like Kineo should be available for every kid – a place where the child is understood, nurtured, challenged appropriately, and connected to something bigger than themselves. Jodi taught in the Edmonds School District and volunteered in Lake Washington School District before getting her Master degree in Special Education.

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Teacher Lindsey
K-2 Lead Teacher

Before co-founding The Kineo School, Lindsey taught in the gifted and highly capable program in Lake Washington School District.  As a teacher in both the full-time and pull-out Quest program, Lindsey provided a safe place for students to be excited about their learning.   Lindsey loves the boundless questions and energy that her students have, and she wants them to be able to explore their world. She founded Kineo because she wants to provide a place where students and teachers are free to explore the world and inspire one another, without limitations.

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Teacher Michele
Program Coordinator
K-6 Teacher

Teacher Michele has been working in education for nearly twenty years. Before coming to The Kineo School, she taught in the Bellevue and Lake Washington School Districts as a special education teacher in preschool. Michele loves being part of the educational journey that children embark on. She believes that all children are capable of learning and believes in utilizing developmentally appropriate methods to teach. Michele is passionate about teaching social-emotional skills to students to help them build relationships with their peers and regulate their emotions so they can learn. Michele’s educational philosophy can be summed up by Margaret Mead: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”


Teacher Zuzana
K-2 Assistant Teacher

Teacher Zuzana loves the concept of The Kineo School.  She believes every child is different and learns best in an environment that supports his/her learning style and does it in a fun and interesting way.  Zuzana has always tried to support individual needs of each of her students and she hopes to continue to do so as part of the Kineo community.  Zuzana has a Master’s degree in Special Education from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.  During her studies, she volunteered at a center for children with autism where she worked 1:1 with children in after school care.  After receiving her Master’s degree, Zuzana worked as a special education teacher at an elementary school for children with developmental delays.

Teacher Laura
3-6 Assistant Teacher

Teacher Laura has worked in childcare for the past six years with all ages and it is a field that she loves. She is excited to join The Kineo School because it is a school that encourages and applies the same values and beliefs she has about children and education. Teacher Laura looks forward to growing alongside her students and fellow co-teachers. Fred Rogers, one of Teacher Laura’s heroes, who shaped her life as a person and teacher said, “We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say it’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem. Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” 


In Memory of Teacher Rhonda

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Our beloved art teacher, mentor, and friend, passed away in November of 2017.  The staff at The Kineo School is working to create a fund that will honor Teacher Rhonda’s passion for art and education.  Stay tuned for more information.

Rhonda was a kindergarten teacher in Canada for many years before immigrating to the US.  Her love for teaching and art developed into an opportunity to teach art classes privately to young artists at the Arts Umbrella in Bothell.  In addition to teaching, Rhonda is a professional artist who has shown her multi-media art in various venues in Seattle, Woodinville, and Bellingham.  She has always felt that teaching the key elements of art will enable children to use another language for expressing creative ideas.  Rhonda is thrilled to be teaching these skills and igniting a creative spark in the students at the Kineo School.