6th Grade Bridge Year

Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, The Kineo School will offer a 6th Grade Bridge Year.

This class is ideal for students who:

  • would benefit from additional time for social-emotional growth
  • are currently experiencing academic deficits
  • thrive in smaller class settings
  • could use assistance in organizational strategies

Our 6th Grade Bridge class allows students to continue growth, academically and socially, in a small class setting with supportive educators and will aide a successful transition into a larger middle school environment. Following The Kineo School philosophy of meeting learners where they’re at, 6th graders will engage in traditional middle school curriculum: mathematics, literacy, science, and social studies. In addition, they will have time to explore art, Spanish, and most importantly, their own interests through research and projects.

Social-emotional learning will be a strong focus, and an executive functioning coach will be brought in weekly to help students with organization and time management strategies.

Tuition for the 6th Grade Bridge Year is as follows:
Tuition – $20,350
Application fee – $170
Enrollment fee – $1,000
Bridge Year fee – $3,000
Field trip fee – $500

Total cost is $24,850.

Applications for our 6th Grade Bridge Year are due January 17th. For more information, please email info@kineoschool.org.