Kineo Kids

The Kineo School serves a variety of students, from those who are gifted to those who may need additional support in academics. Our individualized approach for each student, small class sizes, and focus on social-emotional learning are why many of our families chose The Kineo School.

At Kineo, we have found that students who are successful in our program share the following traits:

  • Have a strong desire to learn
  • Thrive in smaller environments
  • Seek close relationships with peers and teachers
  • Grow to be independent learners over time
  • Display age-appropriate classroom behavior
  • Are not consistently disruptive
  • May have asynchronous development
  • May require extra support and accommodations
  • May be twice exceptional, have learning delays, or may have anxiety

What students say about The Kineo School:

“I feel included at Kineo. I feel accepted. I like the teachers and feel like they understand me.” L.C., a 4th grader

“I love Kineo. I was afraid I wouldn’t make friends, but the kids were nice and welcomed me and my brother. I have so much fun here.” J.B., a 5th grader

“Kineo is the best small school. It’s just right for me. I love learning and have fun every day.” G.A., a 3rd grader

If you are wondering if your student would do well at The Kineo School, contact us at to begin a discussion.