Parent Group

The Kineo School is fortunate to have an involved (but optional) Parent Group that supports the school and community. The Parent Group organizes play dates and after school and weekend activities (such as hiking, trips to the pumpkin patch, or pool parties in the summer). They host coffee dates that allow parents and caregivers to connect, too. They honor staff and students on birthdays and holidays, and have been supportive towards families undergoing life changes.

The group coordinates occasional fundraisers when a need arises. In 2021, their efforts enabled the school to purchase additional Chromebooks for classrooms. As a result, students in our 3rd-5th grade cohort were assigned their own Chromebook for the school year and the K-2nd cohort had several extras, which allowed greater access to supplemental learning.

The Parent Group also sponsors quarterly Parent Education evenings at Kineo. Based on interest, guest speakers are invited to share knowledge that benefits the school community. These evenings begin with a fun potluck or catered meal to provide time for families to socialize.

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