Remote Learning Update

Remote Learning for The Kineo School

The Kineo School will begin the 2020-2021 school year with remote learning. While teaching remotely is not our preferred method to connect with students, we adapted quickly in March 2020 and have become successful at continuing teaching new material, offering social interactions with peers and staff, and supporting students in innovative ways.

Our transition from in-person learning to remote teaching has not been easy! With a lot of communication and feedback from families and through a bit of trial and error, we have been able to create a consistent learning schedule and routine using a variety of platforms. Our students attend daily whole group class lessons as well as small group lessons for math, literacy, and writing. Our teachers meet with students one-on-one each week to check in and work on skills. We offer semi-structured activities each afternoon to allow students to interact and be together.  We continue to focus on social-emotional skills during all interactions. 

As  a small school, we may be able to reopen our doors and welcome students back into our classrooms sooner than public schools. This will be done with appropriate, strict safety protocols in place and the approval of our families.  We monitor local COVID-19 data regularly and remain in communication with our community to keep them apprised of our plans and to receive their feedback. 

Whatever happens, we are ready to continue helping students develop a lifelong love of learning! 

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