Remote Learning at Kineo

Remote Learning

In an effort to maintain consistency for students, our team follows a predictable schedule for remote learning. Materials and supplies for lessons are provided by our team and are sorted by lesson to make it easier for students and parents/caregivers to stay organized. Some learning materials are uploaded onto Google Classroom. Lessons are delivered on Zoom and broken into whole group, small group, and one-on-one. Each student receives at least one individual meeting with a teacher weekly to check in and receives personalized instruction in math, literacy, or writing.

We start our day with a 30 minute Morning Meeting. Just like at school, we have a daily greeting to say hello to one another! We use Morning Meeting as a time to connect with one another, whether it’s through sharing or answering a Question of the Day. This is a great opportunity to practice conversational skills, such as listening and responding on topic. We may play a game, listen to a song, and review the plan our daily schedule.

Whole group lessons
Our whole group lessons follow 15 minutes after Morning Meetings, allowing kids to have a break to gather materials and move around. At the end of Morning Meeting, a slide is left on our Zoom Room Screen detailing what supplies are needed for the next lesson. Each day covers a different topic: science, social studies, art, writing, and book clubs. During this time, our teachers use PowerPoints and share their screens so students can clearly see the content being provided. We also watch short videos together and collaborate on ideas. Breakout rooms are used to work with smaller groups of students during this time to further expand on lessons being taught or allow students time to work independently and in small groups.

Small group lessons
Students will meet in groups ranging between two and four with a teacher to practice math, literacy, and writing concepts. This is a great way for students to share written pieces they have been working on and start offering peer feedback, play math games, or work on reading comprehension. These groupings are based on ability and differentiated to the needs of our students.

One-on-one lessons
All students will meet with a teacher at least once per week. During this time, teachers focus on an area of growth such as literacy, math, and writing to help develop and practice skills. Our students love these individual check-ins as do our teachers! We are able to provide meaningful and individualized instruction with students while deepening our connections with them. We’ve also seen amazing growth through these one-on-one lessons.

Social skills groups
All students spent part of each day working on social skills such as listening, collaborating, and learning emotional regulation strategies. The Kineo School often uses the Social Thinking! Curriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner, among other resources. These lessons are semi-structured with activities that students enjoy, such as LEGO or STEAM challenges, that allow them practice turn-taking in conversations, making comments, and using pre-taught skills.

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