The Kineo Experience

What is The Kineo School? It’s simple: we’re a great school for great kids (who just need a little more).

The Kineo School is a loving space where students know they belong. It’s a personal journey where education is individualized and play is purposeful. It’s a welcoming community where families feel seen and understood. It’s a supportive safety net where kids make friends, have fun, and prepare for bright futures.

The Kineo School is where learning is set in motion.

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Whether gifted and/or in need of additional academic support or accommodations, Kineo Kids blossom socially, emotionally, and academically, growing into:

  • Curious learners who enjoy going to school and view learning as fun and fulfilling.
  • Compassionate friends with a better understanding of their own emotions and the social-emotional skills to build special bonds with others.
  • Confident self-advocates who know what they need as learners, seek out new challenges, and proudly show up as their full selves each day. 

We’re ready to bring out the best in your child. Are you ready to join us? Learn more about the application process.