Enrichment Opportunities at The Kineo School

Kineo School students participate in Enrichment Opportunities weekly. These classes are in addition to our Core Academics and help provide a well-rounded educational experience for our students.

Yoga and Movement

In Yoga and Movement, students are introduced to the importance of mindfulness. Through stories, music, and intentional movements, students discover ways to decrease stress and increase flexibility and balance.


During art, students learn the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. This year, studied lines, value, radial balance, overlapping contrast, and more. Students created beautiful works using a variety of materials such as watercolor, oil pastels, and acrylics. Next year (2022-23), students will be studying Art Around the World.

Students will learn beginning Spanish, from basics such as numbers and colors, to easy conversational skills. They will explore Spanish culture through stories, videos, and music as well as engage in activities to enhance their learning.

Field Trips

Field trips are a fun, engaging way to supplement students’ learning through new experiences and exploring new places. Our cohorts attend 4 to 6 field trips each school year, at times together and at other times separately. Field trips are meant to broaden students’ thinking and enhance classroom material.

Previous field trips include:

  • The Woodland Park Zoo (K-2, to study animal habitats)
  • The Burke Museum (3rd-5th, to study Native American and Ecosystem exhibits)
  • Jack Block Park to observe loading docks in Seattle and see how cargo ships are taken apart (K-5, during a study of Behind the Scenes)
  • Thistle Theater in Bellevue to see The Magic Teakettle (K-5, to enhance literacy)

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