In education, the Four C’s are often described as “21st Century Skills”.  These include the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and think critically and creatively.

Articulating thoughts and ideas and listening to others is the heart of communication.  What is communication?  Is it only the ability to present, ask and answer questions, and listen respectfully?

At the Kineo School, we believe communication goes much deeper.  Often, kids need to be explicitly taught communication skills.  This is done through teacher and peer modeling, discussion, and practice.

Stepping into a Kineo classroom, you will find students:

  • learning to read facial expressions and body language
  • understanding how tone of voice impacts delivery of a message
  • adding detail to drawings to help clarify thoughts
  • actively listening in a variety of ways
  • organizing their math work to improve clarity
  • conveying emotion through art and music