Insect Inquiry

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Before we began our inquiry, students self-selected which group they would join based on interest.  Students had a choice of studying insects or wheels.  These topics were selected by teachers based on recent student wonders.

Both groups were guided through the inquiry process by teachers and shared their new learning with the other group.  Students practiced observing, asking questions, and researching with appropriate texts.

The small group of students learning about insects narrowed down their questions and decided to answer, “What are the body parts of an insect?”  After gathering information and learning new vocabulary, these students created a balloon insect complete with the body parts found on every insect.  Our inquiry concluded with a presentation of our new knowledge.

One student even wore his insect shirt to school on the last day of our inquiry.  Students quickly noticed that a non-insect was included on his shirt.  This prompted our insect group to draft a letter (which was eventually sent) to the clothing company explaining the characteristics of an insect.