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Writing workshop at The Kineo School helps students discover the power of their voice in writing, the beauty of well-crafted language, and the techniques writers use to convey their message.

Students learn to express themselves with words and pictures. Part of instruction is teaching students when to focus on getting an idea out (on the page or through dictation) and when to focus on polishing the writing – ideas, organization, grammar, handwriting – to make it clearer for an audience. Small group or individual mini-lessons, writing time, and conferencing are used to build their view of self as an author and their skills as writers.

With guidance from occupational and physical therapists, handwriting exercises at Kineo recognize that there is more to good handwriting than practicing letter formation. Crafts, games, and exercises that develop shoulder muscles, visual-motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, pincer grip, etc. are all incorporated in addition to instruction and practice in proper letter formation.

A group of students sits at the writing table. One student has finished responding to a prompt of holiday traditions and has taken a story out of his writing folder. He carefully adds page numbers so he can reread what he has written so far. A teacher sits between two other students; she jotted some notes about how a student independently sounded out OPN PRSNS (open presents) while she helps the other stretch out “BB-AAAAY-KK” (bake) as he points to C for Cat on his alphabet guide and asks, “Is it this one or the other KK sound?”